Revision Time

I’m not accepting any new albums at this time and will be spending the next six weeks (until October 15th) fulfilling revisions on past albums. Please send in any outstanding revisions to avoid the holiday rush this year!

Elopement Wedding Album

Looking for add-on income at any time of year? Have you considered marketing elopements? Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a line to your wedding photography pricing page that says something like, “Please inquire about off-season, weekday, or elopement rates.” Or you may want to set up a special section of your blog or website as a dedicated area looking for elopements. The best part of small weddings, particularly courthouse affairs, is that they’re always on weekdays when you’re not already booked for full-priced weddings. Here’s an elopement wedding album from Turn Loose the Art made from just a portrait session before the couple went to the courthouse for their wedding ceremony.

What’s worked for TLTA? Creating a special package available on weekdays only with a small hourly limit and the high resolution files included. Elopement couples typically just want the files. Why not present an album design with the files as you deliver them and try for an add-on sale to a client you’ve already booked?

Stats: 20 pages, 18 images, square playbook, green label design

Here’s the entire elopement wedding album design:

elopement wedding album

hoyt arboretum wedding album

wedding album sales add to your bottom line

album design from courthouse wedding

elopement wedding album

portland wedding photographer album

wedding album designers

professional elopement wedding photography

pro wedding album designer

elopement wedding album for portland wedding photographer

Wedding Album Full of Light

We’re having a beautiful, sunny day in Portland and I absolutely need to share the light with everyone else! Kate Reynolds sent this wedding my way a while back and I just finished the album revisions for her clients. This spring wedding from last year is gorgeous! The bride portrayed a beautiful setting and chose a lot of good colors and details for her wedding. Designing this wedding album was a joy!

Stats: 100 pages, 150 images, 12×12, Green Label/Simple Design

I’ve got a few favorite spreads to show you today!

professional wedding album designer

groom wedding album spread

bride and groom portraits in wedding album

pro wedding album designs

bride and groom exit spread

Image-Focused Album Design

When you’re looking for a wedding album designer, do you want someone who will just throw your images into the latest template program? Or do you want to hire a professional album designer that looks at each image and determines design choices based on the images presented? I’m hoping it’s the the latter, of course! I am a trained album designer with years of experience in image-focused album design. That’s why you’re outsourcing, right – since you want to hire someone that can do a better job than you’re able to do right now.

As I look through the images you send in, I’ll take note of how you composed those images, see whether they need cropping to add to the story, and see if a better design choice might help the images. If you read through the blog, you’ll note my strong preference for the Green Label design style – a very clean styled design with minimal images and using white space effectively. But I still offer a few other styles because some weddings produce images that call for it. That’s why I need to see all the images before I start laying out the album.

Using a recent album design with images by Christine Rhee as an example, sometimes creative cropping helps the story along very well. I chose three images in square format to show the couple’s first look at each other on their wedding day, cropping out the extraneous background since it was so bright it distracted from the couple.

image-focused album design

In the portrait album spread following, both portraits are camera aware and photographed in similar backgrounds. I kept the red peaked window in the same plane as the red background of the first image so the “color blocking” of the two images remained consistent in size on each page of the spread.

color blocking in wedding album layout

In the first dance spread, I anchored the key image in which the couple faces each other over the album gutter with images of surrounding events, but kept the couples heads along the same line. This helps your eye continue left to right without interruption – the perfect way to keep the flow of the wedding story going.

professional wedding album designs

Many couples like what we wedding photographers call “grip and grins” of their favorite people in the album. Since these images are visually boring, there’s not a lot of creativity on the spread. I like to handle this is by using a more interesting anchor photo. In this case, the bride and groom’s Mr and Mrs signs add in a decor bonus to a simple, posed picture. Another way I try to keep the spread from distraction is by trying to keep the heads about the same size in the group grip and grins.

grip and grin wedding album

Indian Wedding Album Design

When it comes to any kind of wedding, my general take is that less is more in the album design. Show your client as few pictures as it takes to tell the story so you don’t overwhelm them. Lay out the photos in a graphically pleasing design while also keeping the focus on the images. This is especially true when it comes to Indian wedding album design or Southeast Asian wedding albums. There are so many design elements within the wedding already and so many colors, textures and patterns within each photo. To go crazy with design itself would overwhelm the images. One of the reasons so many Indian couples hire Turn Loose the Art for their Southeast Asian weddings is for a clean style and album any couple could receive.

Stats: 64 pages, 111 images, 10×13 Finao One, Green Label Design style

A few favorite spreads:
indian wedding album design by turn loose the art

clean wedding album layouts

natural and organic wedding album design by willow

southeast asian wedding albums

indian wedding albums with clean design

Classy Album Design from Rebecca Kiger’s Photographs

Rebecca Kiger’s photography is the perfect match for my newer Simple Album Design service. I always enjoy receiving her albums because she has a very consistent style – the easiest ways to make simple, consistent wedding album designs. The result of this classy album design is right on par with the other albums I’ve produced for her this year!

Stats: 155 images, 100 pages, Simple Album Design, 16×12 album size

Here are a few of my favorite spreads:

classy wedding album designs

classy album designer

classy album design

classy wedding album design

classy wedding album designer

classy wedding album designs

timeless wedding album design

Flipbook Album Design for Allegra’s Studio

Allegra recently contacted me about redesigning an album for her in a new style. Her wedding clients were looking for a design that had more grid elements in it and also wanted to move to a flipbook album design or calendar style album rather than the traditional albums most photographers offer. The flipbook style album opens like a calendar, vertically. Most books and albums open horizontally – just like the paperbacks and magazines your read on a daily basis. Album binding companies such as Finao and VisionArt offer album styles like this. Since their introduction a few years ago, they’ve been hot sellers at Finao I’m told!

flipbook album design

In the above spread, I made use of the opening within the spread to create boundaries for the key image. The black and whites Allegra sent over were incredible and I wanted to showcase the standout image weighted on the bottom of the spread.

In the spread below, I chose my favorite image from the bride and groom portraits. It’s a touching moment in addition to the gorgeous lighting, so I felt it deserved the full spread.

professional wedding album designs

professional wedding album designs

professional wedding album designs

Keeping in mind her clients’ wishes for a more grid based design, I constantly mixed the spreads up to provide a block of images here and there.

Stats: PanoVista size, 34 pages, 79 images, Green Label