We’ll Find Them On The Beaches

Much of the quality of a finished product comes from the raw materials used to create it. Whether it’s willow, another type of wood or even a completely different material such and metal or plastic, the standard of the materials will go a long way towards ensuring the finish of the final creation.

Recently, we joined a team of metal detector enthusiasts on the beach to understand what we needed to know to find some interesting decorations for a line of furniture we’re currently working on. We’re looking for small metallic items with character to punctuate lengths of willow, so what better way to get an authentic historical feel that to enlist the help of people who love hunting for exactly these pieces?

What became clear was that we had a lot to learn about their hobby, even simple details like the best metal detector to use depends on what you’re looking for. For example, we quickly discovered that a Garrett Ace 150 was perfectly good for us as beginners to their craft, even though many of them had stepped up to a higher quality EuroACE model. It seems that unless you’re looking for a very specific type of item, perhaps gold, you want to have a good all rounder, and the Garrett Ace 150 fits the bill nicely. That was great news as it’s a relatively inexpensive detector, particularly compared to some of the kit these hobbyists are carrying around with them.

While we have no doubt that their advice is spot on about the best metal detector to buy, that didn’t mean we’d suddenly be loading up the car boot with thousands of amazing finds, after three hours out with the (nearly) pro’s, we managed to locate a thoroughly unimpressive four finds. What’s great though, is we now know what we’re doing, and we’re getting out and about as often as we can. That brings us to another important point, it’s not as simple as ‘finders keepers‘. While you might think that all’s fair in love and digging on the beach, the fact of the matter is you need to make sure you’ve got permission to search in advance and clearance to retain any finds you might make.