Skip Hire For Businesses

When you’re undertaking a big project, it’s fairly inevitable that you’re going to create a lot of waste. That’s never more true than when you have a business that deals with building things. In our case we get through wood – a lot of wood. We’ve got a good amount of space out the back of the workshop, and it’s perfect for hiring a skip and setting rid of all the useless offcuts in one go.

Surprisingly, we’re a lot more efficient with waste doing it this way, as we often salvage bits that are wasted in a job in a later one – for example when a smaller job follows a large one. It’s not always that way around, but typically, the bigger jobs leave bigger offcuts, and the smaller ones need smaller lengths to begin with. It’s even got to the point where we deliberately book work in that’s likely to involve smaller raw materials just before we book a skip. It makes us more efficient as a business as the less we waste, the more we earn from the materials we buy in!

Generally we tend to use online quote services for our needs, as one form fill is all it takes to get the skip booked. They’ll usually give us a call to confirm, but it’s great to have them call us rather than the other way around – it’s a complete waste of time phoning a company and being on hold for half an hour!

What’s more, they’ve even been able to help when we’ve been working off site – just because they’re based in Doncaster hasn’t been an issue – they work with a national network of companies, so aren’t even limited to South Yorkshire. A word of warning, some companies offer great rates, but when you mention that you’re a business, the price seems to go through the roof (so to speak). There’s not reason why that should be the case either, they’ll claim that business waste costs more to dispose of as it’s subsidised, which may be true, but isn’t the whole story. You see, even if you’re a residential (home) customer hiring a skip, when they collect it, it becomes trade waste, as they’re collecting it from you as they’re running a business offering the service. The only way to tap into the generous allowances offered to homeowners is to take your rubbish to the local tip (or to use their modern name – household waste recycling centre), or use the council collections on your normal collection day. Some councils also provide on demand collections for a fee too – particularly for bulky items like mattresses or white goods.

Fortunately, skip hire companies rarely change their pricing just because we’re a company instead of an individual, so if you’re needing a skip, they come with our recommendation.