Monthly archives: October, 2016

Building With Willow

Willow is one of the most beautiful materials on the planet, yet there’s very little built to really benefit from its unique properties.

You’ll often find that it’s used in the construction of containers like boxes, and of course its strength is famous for use in cricket bats. However, we’re hoping to increase the humble willow’s use in many more areas of life, places where you’re less likely to ordinarily find it.

We’re builders by trade, not in the bricklaying sense, but people who love to take materials and create bigger and better things by combining them together. Rather than embracing the wasteful disposable world we live in, we like to create a sustainable home, and we hope you’ll join us on this exciting wooden adventure.

Talking of avoiding throwing too much away, we’ve recently been working to reduce our waste that we throw out after each job. You can read more about why we’re throwing less in the skip here.